Discord channels

Preview of our discord channel!

Welcome to our Discord Channels,

As you might have noticed or not there are several channels open for everyone, however, most of our other channels are hidden.

This is to protect them from not playing users of those particular games, for this, you need to let us know that you want to join those channels to chat or to voice chat with us gamers.

So we don’t have any other chatter on those channels, also some rooms may have a # at from of them, like an #A or #B this is because some of those games can have multiple inside groups like World of Warships can have divisions, with the #A or #B this will make us players easier to play and understand what everyone commands.

Also, some channels have a voice with text channels in it, this is easier so we can share hints and tips for that particular game.

right now the hidden channels that you can subscribe to are:

  1. World of Warships
  2. Star Trek Online
  3. -SF- Channel (this is only meant for members of the old clan and still playing C&C games, new members will have a new channel)
  4. Arma (not open yet)
  5. Age of empires (not open yet)
  6. Truckers CB (euro and American)
  7. The Adult Channel (for games that has adult content)

There will be more coming in the future if needed!

Use this form to join the channels:

Please enter your Discord name so we can add you to the channel
You Can Select multiple selections, keep in mind that for the adult channel we will ask for a kind of prove that you are 18+

For full use we advice to use discord as the main chat app this is only for a fast and viewable chat page, with discord you can also join us on our voice chat rooms that are available. You can download Discord for free!

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