My render of Knight Rider scene

Here is a small video i have done, more because i got lots of questions on how i get my renders done. wel this is a simple scene but it’s something i like although the K.I.T.T. model is low poly and has some issues in the future i want to see if i can get a better K.I.T.T. to render.

But for now this will do.

While i do this render i’m using several items in the scene and i want to thank those poeple who made them. down below this post i will make their thanks and links to their items.

So for now this the video, as mention in the video, I do not own any kind of microphones I’m still looking for one and I’m also trying to learn how to improve my video editing so it may seem sloppy, but I think the idea is clear.

To those who made the items here is a small list that i use in the scene of my daz3d program.

For 1 the program itself comes of as said Daz3d and can be found here for free however if you want all of the benefits i like to say buy the program to pro it has lots of handy tools in it.


Bodhi HD for Genesis 8 Female By Lyoness

Metro Police Truck by Polish

Iray FireWorx by KindredArts

1stB Long Stretch of Deserted Road by FirstBastion

The background i have forgotten who made it.. sorry, will try to find it again as i can.

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