Welcome to the -GOW- Clan

We Would welcome everyone who wishes to join our clan the -GOW- as we call ourselves in gaming.

-GOW- stands for the Guardians of the world! and no we arent an army who defend or go into war in real life we are just gamers who made this clan since we do play war like game.

And right now we are open to gamers who would like to join us! as we play a lot of different games like:

  • lots of C&C franchise games
  • World of warships
  • Star Trek Online
  • Euro truck simulator 2 (also multiplayer)
  • American truck simulator (also multiplayer)
  • Arma 2 & 3
  • Anno 1800
  • COH

And lots more,


A little hint for those who remember the old -SF- (superior Firepower Clan) they have merged with us so if you see a member here with the tag -SF- he/she is an old member of those group and merged with us.

Just remember we play with and for fun, we do not tolerate hatred wars against our own members or to other members of clans if this happens it means no zero tolerance for a ban and kick from the clan.

if you do want to join our clan we will soon have a recruit form ready, right now just register and go to our forum and make a topic in our Q&A with “I want to join”. more info can be read in there.


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