Adult games are they worthy!

So looking at many sites and even steam, there are plenty of adult games available (yes i have some too).

And yet there are lots of them that are actually good sure it has S.E.X in it but also a hell of a story, for example, been playing acting lessons from Dr PinkCake and streaking storytelling about a guy who had a bad relationship and by accident find a lovely girl who he falls in love with (will not spoil everything of course) but the story evolves later into a nightmare, the story is soo good written that the game definitely is worth the only thing with this story is that its hit the spacebar every time and some click to progress. but fun to play and sometimes i got a feeling with this story that i have something like “Yes, I feel with you”

The other game from this same maker is called being a DIK same as before press spacebar to continue and some point clicks to progress, however, it has several mini-games inside and some of them are hard to beat, right now DR Pinkcake is building episode 2, short version of this is you are going to the university but before that happens you meet a nice girl and fall in love and yet you go. when at the university you will meet lots of girls (YES THERE IS S.E.X,,, GEEZ) but also bullies.

Every decision you made will change the story even for the new DLC that is coming so you need to think carefully about what you do. and yet also this story is carefully done and nicely written even the animations are well done.

However there are soooooo many of these games, some are poor and some are very good written and rendered images worthy to buy? yes if you are 18+ of course.

If you want to try a game like this I would suggest Lust Epidemic from NLT Media same as others point and click for the story, however, this game is soo much different as you play it as an old classic adventure game (like Indiana jones or monkey island) a small map where you click and the character walks to it point and click to talk.. very nicely done and yes there is a second game coming.

So again is it worth it, yes but do look at the images or intro before you buy and ask your girlfriend or wife if you can have that game?

You never know. there are plenty of these games around even for tablets or phones, however, i never tried it, never know when that oi oi sound comes up 😇.

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